Fudge Tray Prepaks

Fudge Tray Prepaks

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2 of each assortment, 12 styles. ($10/tray)

you choose the sayings and each tray will come with a seasonal assortment of flavors

  • Family: Best Mom,Best Teacher, Sister, B.F.F., Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Thank You, A Gift For You, Family Forever, I ♥ Dad, I ♥ Grandpa, I ♥ Grandma
  • Funny: WTF (What the Fudge), Tourist Maple, Fudge-gasm, Birthday, Family Nuts, I'm No Quitter, Losing Weight, 30 Days Diet, Give me Fudge Hurt, Chocolate Understands, Best Life Sweet, Sweet Gift


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