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Free shipping on retail orders over $65! Use the code FREESHIPPING at checkout.
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Away We Grow Childcare Fundraiser

Group name: Away We Grow Childcare Inc.

Order Deadline: April 22, 2021

Fundraiser Code: AWAYWEGROW

Free Shipping Discount Code: FUNDRAISER

Using your codes

Fundraiser Code

When you are ready to check out, enter the code AWAYWEGROW in the "Representative Code" field. You will find the field at the bottom of the cart screen:

Add your child's name to the order

When viewing the cart, you can use the "Add a note" link to include your child's name with your order.

Please include the name of the child who you are ordering through. You must clarify who the seller is to ensure that orders are distributed to the correct family. Children will also get credit for each order placed under their name and there will be a prize for the top seller(s).

Click on the "Add a note to your order" link to display the note field.
Type your child's name into the note field so that it is received along with your order.

Free Shipping Discount Code

When you check out, use the FUNDRAISER discount code to receive free shipping on your fundraising order.


  • Once you have completed your order you will enter your Fundraiser Code to ensure your group receives credit for your order.
  • Your group will receive 40% of the profits.
  • The order must be paid for on this website via credit card only.
  • We will consider your order placed only after payment has been made.
  • To eliminate confusion, please do not make changes to the order after it is placed.


Here are the products that are part of this fundraiser. Please do not select products outside of these collections:



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